Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Dynamiters by Bob Sobba

I better get on here and post something before rumors of my early demise spread. Nope, still here but I did hit a bit of writers cramp and also spent some time doing research on the more mysterious Richards side of the family. Sorry to those folks who have sent requests for information as I have quite a backlog  from the past several months. Feel free to send me a reminder. In addition, I have been real busy with my paying job and playing more with my toys during off time.

Thanks to our friend Bob Sobba, who has granted permission, I am able to still get off pretty easy by posting the following article he wrote for the Wild West History Association (WWHA) Journal. I just recently joined the WWHA and will have to get some articles written myself sometime soon. Bob is a former Caldwell Police Chief and former Director of the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement (AKA "Idaho's Top Cop"). He provides a good overview of the core story from Big Trouble by J. Anthony Lukas.  Thanks Bob.