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Brenda Steunenberg Richards

A beautiful picture of my mother, Brenda Steunenberg Richards, taken by my sister Kris when mom was 80. I watched the video last night of our surprise 80th birthday party for her and laughed and cried. A great memory. She would have been 92 today but is now ageless.

Love and miss ya mama.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roy Steunenberg - 8/9/1946 - 8/21/2010

My Cousin Roy Steunenberg passed away quietly last night after a lengthy battle with melanoma. Roy and I had not seen each other in many years but remained in contact from time to time regarding our common family history. We both grew up in California and always reminisced about our wonderful grandparents, Julian and Francis Steunenberg, and our various holiday gatherings and family visits.

Above L to R: John (me), Cousin Roy and Cousin Ron Steunenberg circa 1966.

Roy was the son of my Uncle Cal Steunenberg. Uncle Cal passed away last year at the ripe old age of 96. Some how it seems unfair that I find myself writing so soon about the passing of Roy. He had just turned 64 on August 9th and I believe is the first of our generation of Cousins to pass away.

Roy would always talk about the great memories we have as kids and it is those fond recollections that help soften the blow of any death--and certainly one of such an untimely nature.
One thing Roy and I liked to do was eat--and he always raved about my mom's (Brenda Steunenberg Richards) holiday meals and especially her turkey gravy. We could pack it away pretty good prior to settling down for an afternoon of Thanksgiving Day football.

Below is a close-up of Roy on the right, me to the left and it looks like the stuffing bowl heading our way from Uncle Cal. You can see the focus of our attention!

I guess Roy is in a better place now and perhaps is enjoying, along with his dad/my Uncle Cal, some of my mom's turkey stuffing and gravy once again.

Roy is survived by his daughters Carri Steunenberg Carnahan, Sheri Steunenberg Beersman and wife Mary Steunenberg. We are not very well acquainted with that part of the family, but please accept our kind thoughts and condolences and take comfort in your memories.

Rest in peace Cuz.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6/9/1904 - More News Photographs of the Independence Depot.

These are a little bit different photos from what I have seen before. Refer to August 1st blog post "Unspeakable Crime Perpetuated at Independence Colo."

This newspaper article was found on my account. Click on the picture and be taken to the viewer where you can enlarge the photos and read the article.

Click here to check out all my spotlights.

Latest early Idaho Songs of the Month have been posted for Idaho Songs Project from old Idaho songs guru Gary Eller (the songs & Gary are both old).

The early Idaho Songs of the Month postings for June, July, August and September are now on line. Just follow the Songs of the Month links from This time we are featuring songs based on the writing of Idaho's colorful Hannibal F. "Seven Devils" Johnson who mined, preached, politicked, wrote, and sold fire extinguishers (among other things) from the 1880s through early 1900s in the Seven Devils region of Hells Canyon. Two of his songs, "Seven Devils Song" and "Trip to Rapid River", are rendered by Gary Eller. Dale Fisk of Council came up with a lovely melody and arrangement for Johnson's poem "Grave of a Stranger". The fourth song in the new posting - "Gooding Sheep Song" - is a rant against the powerful business and political empire of Gov. Frank Gooding and his brothers, rendered nicely by John Larsen of Marsing.

A few "new" pre-1923 era songs also have been added to the early Idaho Songs Bibliography. Notable among the new entries is the very rare song "The Raging Plains" (1864) which contains some new and interesting historical tidbits.

In other news, as a member of the Idaho Humanities Council I am supporting with Idaho Songs programs each of the six sites around Idaho that are hosting the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit "Journey Stories" which highlights stories of immigration to and migration around America. So far I've done programs at the Boundary County Historical Museum in Bonners Ferry and the National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier. The other programs will be as follows:

Blaine County Historical Museum (Hailey) Sept. 7

Olde School Community Center (Fruitland) Oct. 27

Jerome Public Library (Jerome) Dec. 18 and Jan. 22 (2011)

Hayden Public Library (Hayden) Feb. 12 (2011)

You will not be disappointed by taking the effort to view this wonderful exhibit.

And finally, if you are in the Stanley area, I am doing a Speakers Bureau program at the museum in Stanley on Friday evening August 13th.

Regards - Gary Eller

Check out the website and if in any of the above areas, view the exhibits and catch Gary(aka Slim, the Banjo Man from Pickles Butte) live if you can. jr

Sunday, August 1, 2010