Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July in Farmington. So who's the boy?

Happy 4th of July. Hope you are enjoying a good one. Here is a partial re-post from a few years back.

If you have been paying attention, you should know the "boy" in the excerpt below. This is an easy one. How many more hints do you need!

"The Fourth of July in Farmington began with a fanfare from the town's brass band, resplendent in gold and white, rumbling down Main Street in a wagon pulled by a four-horse team. Later, in a shady grove by the river, there'd be fried chicken, iced lemonade, a baseball match, fireworks at a recitation of the Declaration of Independenceand always a lawyer over from the county seat to deliver the patriotic oration.

The boy would see the lawyer's horse and buggy at the hotel in the morning, and think 'how nice they were, and how much money a lawyer must make.' When the visitor got up to speak, the boy noticed his 'nice clothesa good deal nicer than those of farmers and other people who came to hear him talkand his boots looked shiny, as if they had just been greased.' He talked very loud, 'and seemed to be mad about something, especially when he spoke of the war and the Bridish (sic), and he waved his hands and arms a great deal.' On he went in the midday sun, about the flag, and the G.A.R., and because our people were such great fighters,' and how they must be 'ready to fight and to die' for that flag. The farmers clapped their hands and said the lawyer was 'a mighty smart man' and 'could talk louder than anyone we had ever heard.' The boy thought 'what a great man he was, and how [he himself] should like to be a lawyer.'"

So click comment at the bottom of this post and tell me who is the boy! Was he born in Farmington? 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

7/1/15 - The People's Daily - Morning Star

JTR Collection
I will continue to post articles from time to time that are related to the topics on this blog―all viewpoints are welcomed. Click on the link below to read this one.

One Big Union, Three Giant Labour Heroes

Two of the three mentioned in the article are pictured to the left: Gurley Flynn and Bill Haywood.

And of course Joe Hill. On my bookshelf. A good read.
JTR Collection


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