Saturday, October 25, 2008

Converted Again?

Chicago Tribune, July 27, 1909

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Atlantic Constitution, June 12, 1907.
Not a real clear picture but I lightened it up a bit for better viewing. Taken from a little different angle of Orchard on the witness stand then I have seen before. Click image to enlarge.

Monday, October 20, 2008

3/16/1905 - Letter from Governor Frank Steunenberg ("Pop") to son Julian

"I have crossed the continent twice without taking a sleeper and you certainly can ride one night in a chair car or coach.

This is a brief letter from Ex-Governor Frank Steunenberg to his son (my future grandfather) Julian that I have decided to make public. You can also read a more lengthy and formal fatherly lecture in a letter from the governor (on Idanha Hotel letterhead) to Julian posted on my Saturday, March 1, 2008 blog entry. As opposed to the historical records and letters pertaining to the business of State, family correspondence gives us a glimpse into the more personal side of Frank Steunenberg and the everyday lessons that he imparts to his children. Here we can see that that Frank was a man of thriftiness and certainly wanted Julian to learn to be the same.

"Dear Julian -
Herewith pass to Huntington, you will have to pay $3.00 fare from there home. Herewith check for $25.00 - if this is not sufficient have Mr. Ohustaurm (spelling?) send me bill for balance. Show him this letter as authority. He will pay you enough out of the $25 to come home on. If you take night train you can come right through and not have any expense at Pendleton. You do not need to take a sleeper - I have crossed the continent twice without taking a sleeper and you certainly can ride one night in a chair car or coach.

The letter and envelope are Caldwell Banking and Trust Company letterhead. Julian was attending Walla Walla College at the time. The envelope is postmarked March 16, 1905 from Pocotello, ID. About nine months later, on December 30th, 1905, the governor would be assassinated when opening the gate to the yard of his Caldwell, ID home. Julian would be home from college at the time visiting for the holidays. Typically Julian would have been at his fathers side but by a twist of fate had stayed in town for a few more minutes. He was walking toward home when the explosion occurred.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Criminal of the 20th Century?

Publication Title: The Atlanta Constitution
Content Source: Allen County Public Library
State: Georgia
City: Atlanta
Year: 1907
Month: June
Day: 7
Page Number: 6
Volume: 39
Number: 357

So what is you opinion?

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Statements Of Principal Actors In The Haywood Trial

No, the title does not refer no to the actors in the 2005 stage play, The Gate on 16th Avenue, or the Idaho Public TV production of Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century--but it could have. Be it a courtroom, a playhouse stage or a TV production, the saga of the Haywood trial in 1907 up to its most recent depiction in 2007 has continued to spark our interest and intrigue in this tragic story. Then as now, we have seen, read about and heard many individuals who have demonstrated great skill and passion in all of the above venues.

Click on any of the images to enlarge. This is part of a more extensive news story in the July 29, 1907 Chicago Tribune reviewing the verdict of the Haywood trial. The photo that goes with it, "What The Jury Did" is in my September 27th post below. See the full article in my CONNECTIONS on

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"Squabble Over Man's Politics"

5/19/1907 - The Chicago Tribune

Again this afternoon there was a joke of local application that created a good deal of merriment in the room. Daniel Clark*, who said he was a democrat, was being examined by Richardson, who asked him what kind of democrat he was, referring to the democratic split in the state over the question of supporting Steunenberg for his action on the Coeur d'Alene troubles in 1899. "I object to that question," cut in Hawley, who is a democrat, "on the ground that it is a libel on the democratic party. There are too few of us left in the state to be split up."**

Judge Wood, who is a sturdy republican, found a lot of merriment in that suggestion.

*Daniel Clark was being questioned as a perspective juror. He was one of three Democrats that were seated on the Haywood jury along with eight Republicans and one Prohibitionist.

**Here we are a 100+ years later and there are probably still "too few" democrats in Idaho. John (great grandson of an Idaho Democrat).

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Face Third Week of Jury Hunting" under my Footnote Spotlights.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

7/12/1907 - Haywood Swears He is Guiltless

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Another Look at the Idaho Penitentiary

The Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise. I have these posted elsewhere on the blog but from here you can go to where I have it as a 'Spotlight" item for better viewing.
The Old Idaho Penitentiary-Home to Harry Orchard
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Who is Harry Daus? Was he in the Steunenberg house on 12/30/1905?

Well here is an interesting little tidbit of information courtesy of our friend Jan Boles, the archivist over at the College of Idaho in Caldwell.
Yesterday, while searching through C of I publications from the 1960s, I found a very odd statement in the “Alumni News” section:

“HARRY DAUS, a 1907 graduate of The College of Idaho Academy, who died on December 30, 1974, was a special part of Idaho history. An academy student, age 16, he was living in the home of former Governor Frank Steunenberg when Steunenberg was assassinated by a bomb planted at the gate of his Caldwell home on December 30, 1905…”

There is no attribution with this statement. I have no idea where it came from.

Until 1912, there was no men’s dormitory at the C of I, so male students had to room and board with townsfolk. So, Daus would have been living some where in Caldwell. But Frank, Jr., certainly makes no mention of him in Martyr of Idaho.

We know he went from the C of I to the U of I, where he earned a B.S. in 1911. By 1929 he was in the insurance business in Portland. He died in Portland on December 30, 1974. An obit would help. I’ll see what our Alumni News reported and get back to you.
(Courtesy of Jan although I didn't really ask him first!)

A quick search of the Heritage Quest Census records shows a Harry Daus and a Daus family in Caldwell at the time of the 1910 Census and that Harry had moved to Portland (consistent with Jan's information) by the 1920 census. That being some fourteen years after the assassination, the sixteen year old Daus would have been thirty-years old, a fact confirmed by the 1920 census record. Nothing is available that I have yet located for later years.

Among all the written accounts, investigations and stacks of documents and copies, I am not aware of any reference to a Harry Daus or for that matter anyone other the family members being in the house at the time of the assassination. It would be hard to believe that such a fact would have escaped the official accounts and news reports. If someone knows something we do not, or there are Daus family members out there that knew Harry, please shoot me an email, as we would sure like to know if he ever stayed in the Steunenberg household.

Thank you Jan, for providing another interesting trail we can try to follow. John