Monday, July 2, 2012

Idaho Penitentiary

As you may know, I always have a fascination with the Idaho pen. Here is a different view on an old real photo postcard (RPPC) that I have not seen before.
John's Collection
Pinpointing where Harry Orchard's cabin outside of the pen walls was located seems to garner several different viewpoints. I do have a copy (obtained from the ISHS) of an old schematic diagram of the pen and grounds that purports to show the location. I will have to dig that out and see how it compares to an enlargement of this photo. I believe the small cabin was located on the nearest side of the pen shown above. Any ideas let me know.

Clearly visible in the back ground, when I enlarge the image and play with the contrast, is the Boise Natatorium (above).

John's Collection
Here we have an inside and outside view of the Natatorium. This card is postmarked December 19, 1905. Eleven days later Frank Steunenberg will be brutally assassinated by Harry Orchard.
John's Collection
And another recently acquired and more common RPPC view of the pen taken from I believe up toward Table Rock. Correction 7/2/12: Amber Beierle, Education Specialist at the pen, tells me this view is more north from Castle Rock. Thanks Amber.  Visit the Old Idaho Pen

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