Sunday, September 20, 2015

Idanha Hotel Match Safe

Here is an item currently listed on eBay related to the Idanha Hotel. A early 1900's match safe, match box or sometimes called a Vesta case. Since I didn't have a spare $1,200 in my collectibles cookie jar at the moment, I settled for asking the seller, stroyer500, for permission to use a couple photographs. Permission was granted and in return I get to share this very interesting item and am happy to also provide a bit of free advertising.

In all my Idaho searching I have never seen another one of these. Have any of my fellow Idaho collectors seen one? How rare are they? If you have one, or know more about these, please let me know at:

This is really a nice Idanha collectible!
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Main Street, Caldwell, Idaho

Here is a recent real photo post card I acquired with a view down Main Street, Caldwell, Idaho. I would say circa 1905-08. The photo was incorrectly described by the seller as Nampa, ID. That didn't fool a handful of us Caldwell collectors who pursued it in a spirited manner!  I am going to put a few pics up here without too much commentary. You can find quite a bit on this blog about 7th and Main or just click here for a sample search.
Looking down Main Street toward the intersection with 7th Street. 

Interurban coming up Main Street
Looks like an early car parked on the street. Maybe Walter Sebree's down near where I believe the First National Bank was located and he was President? Here is an excerpt from an article appearing 1/18/15 in the Idaho Statesman written by historian Arthur Hart. Click here for the full article. 
It was the wealthier and more adventuresome citizens who bought the first cars, and the Idaho Statesman reported regularly on their exploits. On Jan. 2, 1904, under the headline "SWELL AUTO" came this: "Walter Sebree came over from Caldwell yesterday in his new automobile, covering the distance in about two hours. The car is a handsome vehicle of considerable size and good lines. It attracted much attention as it stood on Eighth Street." Fast runs between towns were reported regularly that year, as when E.H. Dewey and L.C. Van Riper came over to Boise from Nampa in an hour and 10 minutes. (These "fast runs" averaged about 12.5 miles per hour.)

Read more here:
Saratoga Hotel on the right with the Caldwell Bank & Trust/Steunenberg Block on the opposite corner across 7th Street.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Utah event honors Joe Hill, hero to many, murderer to others

Click here: Utah event honors Joe Hill, hero to many, murderer to others

(Utah state archives/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP). This photo from the Utah state archives shows Joe Hill’s prison records, identifying him as Joseph Hillstrom. Lionized in a song sung by Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen, labor activist and songwriter.

Freedom's road seems rough and hard,
And strewn with rocks and thorns,
Then put your wooden shoes on, pard,
And you won't hurt your corns.
To organize and teach, no doubt,
Is very good, that's true,
But still we can't succeed without
The Good Old Wooden Shoe.
--Joe Hill