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"I have two incurable ailments. Life has become a trial. I can't go on."

"Major George E. Steuneneberg, 84, retired officer,......committed suicide by firing a .32 caliber bullet into his head while a horrified neighbor women watched, police said."
The Honolulu Advertiser
Honolulu, Hawaii
United States of America
Sunday, February 28, 1954
The Star Press - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1954

U.S. Army during the Spanish American War/WW2 period.
Early career U.S. Navy.

Major George E. Steunenberg.

Grave site for the Major's wife--Georgia Steunenberg.

Canyon Hill memorial marker, Caldwell, ID

New York Times 6/13/1915

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Idaho Mountain Express

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Bombs should unite us


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Steunenberg Brothers

Recently discovered photo of the Steunenberg Brothers. Click on link below. 


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Idaho Penitentiary Hospital

Idaho Penitentiary Hospital circa 1912.
Source: John T. Richards (JTR) Collection.
I love this old photo postcard. It shows John W. Snook, Warden, and D.W. Ackley, Assistant Warden. Another gentlemen is identified as the "florist" but not named. May be a prison Trusty.

About all that remains of the hospital is the foundation. It was damaged/destroyed in the 1971 riots at before the old pen was closed down. Deputy Warden Ackley was a familiar figure during the 1907 Haywood trial. He was a Prison Guard at the time and one of Orchard's escorts to and from the Pen & Courthouse.

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Idaho Law

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'It was 1897, a big fair was born, and Boise had all of the latest improvements' by Arthur Hart

Here is an article from the Idaho Statesman by Arthur Hart. I posted it in the following Facebook group. See also a previous post in the first comment regarding an article written by Gov. Frank Steunenberg in Harper's Bazaar. 33: 220-1. May 26, 1900 in the first comment.

Click on this link: HISTORY OF BOISE IDAHO 1863-1963

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5th grade history project......Frank Steunenberg......by Caley Richards

From Caley Richards, age 11, 5th grade history. Pictorial to go with her report on Frank Steunenberg.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Real Photo Postcard Caldwell Banking & Trust Co. circa 1903-1905

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Here is another great RPPC (to me anyway) acquired with the recent batch. I have included some detail scans. I just started playing with it but here are a few first looks. A pretty rare find. Circa 1904-5.

Wish I could get a better look through those windows! Who knows where this is? Should be easy for most. I will add additional comments later.

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