Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pinback Button

Pictured is a Whitehead & Hoag Pinback Button dated 1894/1896 on the reverse side. A few of you may have seen me wearing it on my lapel during the stage play back in March 2007 at the Boise Little Theater and at the the premiere in November 2007 at the Egyptian Theater. It was also pictured in The Advocate, December 2006 edition, that was sponsored by the Idaho Legal History Society. That complete edition was dedicated to a discussion of Frank Steunenberg's assassination, the Haywood trial and related events.

This pin may be very small (7/8") but it is a very prized possession. From what I understand, this was one of a series produced of all the state and territorial governors around 1894-1898. I have this one and would sure like to find a couple more for the family collection. I know a fellow Idaho collector that has one and the two are all that I have ever seen. I would like to pry that one away but appreciate the historical interest and can't blame him for not wanting to part with it. So apparently these are quite rare and I am happy to have one in the family. I would love to hear from any pin collectors out there that might have more information.

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