Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mining Song by Josh Ritter

Fun Stuff. I have started adding a few other Idaho, mining, historical or just plain fun or favorite videos down toward the bottom of the blog with all the photos. Some are good and some, well...you be the judge. You need to have something for entertainment to get through this endless blog. This is a special Josh Ritter story and song about mining in Idaho. For those that don't already know, Josh is a native of Moscow, Idaho. He also wrote and sings the "Idaho" song which is more serious and quite a beautiful recording. There are some music video's and tracks of that one floating around but I haven't found one I am happy with yet. In the meantime, I have posted the lyrics to "Idaho" down at almost the very bottom of the blog with some of the other poetry, lyrics, etc. I do that so that you have to scroll all the way through everything else first. So just click on the "Mining Song" below and enjoy the ride to the bottom of this mine shaft as you have over nine minutes of Josh's monologue and singing to entertain you on the way down. For more info on Josh Ritter go to: http://www.joshritter.com/

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