Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Announcing our Digital Collections!"

The email below just arrived in my inbox a short time ago from Amy Vecchione of the Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS). You will want to check out the societies new digital collection. For those that visited the site previously, take another look as a new home page has been added for easier navigation and includes links to other related items of interest. Enjoy, John


Subject: Announcing our Digital Collections!


The Digital Initiatives Program team has been working hard to present the Idaho State Historical Society’s Digital Collections! They are now ready for your perusal and feedback. In addition, Amber Beierle composed the text of the web exhibit that is now up and designed by Adele Thomsen. Adele and Chris worked hard yesterday to put it up (Thanks Chris!!!). Of course, there will continue to be edits that need to be made, so I am sending along this link to our survey as well.

You can now view over 700 different images online including our Mining in Idaho collection, Shorty Fuller photographs and more! Have a lot of fun with this! Send us your suggestions for future digital collections, too!

We appreciate your taking the time to review this new site, and providing feedback! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

The Digital Initiatives Program team includes: Steve Barrett, Amber Beierle, Chris Brady, Belinda Davis, Ellen Haffner, Kathy Hodges, Rachelle Littau, Linda Morton-Keithley, Emily Peeso, Amy Vecchione and Kurt Zwolfer.

On behalf of DIP, thank you,



Digital Collections:


Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 9:25 AM
To: 'Amy Vecchione'
Subject: RE: Announcing our Digital Collections!

Good Morning Amy:

I was here on my computer doing my traditional Saturday morning history session when the email arrived regarding the ISHS digital collections. I have been accessing the site for some time but the new home page and added features are extremely nice. For an Idaho history buff that does not reside in Idaho, having more of the ISHS collection going digital is a much anticipated and appreciated event. Of course I do hope to see the Harry Orchard and Governor Steunenberg material added to the finding aids soon (friendly hint!) but I know many related items are in the more extensive papers of Borah and Hawley.

Please do pass on my enthusiastic endorsement to the team working on this project as I know it has taken a lot of hard work and time. I see a few familiar names that have contributed to other Idaho history projects in the past that I have also greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

Over the following days I will peruse the website and utilize the survey tool to provide additional feedback.

With Kind Regards,


John T. Richards, Jr. (great grandson of Governor Frank Steunenberg)

The information below was moved to this location 12/1/2008

The ISHS has now began digitizing their photograph collection. This is a welcomed development that will allow these great images to be available for study by a much wider audience. In browsing the initial efforts, I was pleased to find photos of DeLamar, ID that were contributed to the ISHS by my kin Edith Farrer Steunenberg (see blog post: Monday, April 14, 2008, Peep Show - "Ten Cents a Peep"). Edith was born in DeLamar on 12/7/1906 and married Thomas Steunenberg 9/1/1930 in Caldwell. ID. Tom was the son of A.K. (brother of Governor Steunenberg) & Carrie Steunenberg. Tom and Edith had a son, Albert Steunenberg born in Caldwell and currently residing with his wife Peg in Alamo, CA. Please check this ISHS link from time to time as this exciting pilot project continues and more photographs become available for viewing.

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