Friday, September 19, 2008

"KEEP ME IN PRISON!" The Wail of Harry Orchard

"It is not remorse that has made of Harry Orchard a broken man, for he says with a smile that he has forgotten his crimes. It is not authority that has bred fear in Harry Orchard's heart, for he is treated humanely and with consideration.

It is the dominating thought, the one ogreish vision of half-slumbered nights; it is the possibility of Cammora (sic) vengeance being taken that impels him to give tongue in the night to prayer: "Do not let me out. Protect me, protect me--from them!"

Who? Harry Orchard knows."
(The Chicago Tribune 2/5/1911)

To read what Harry Orchard knows click on the picture above to enlarged or go to my Spotlight on to use the viewer for easier reading.

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