Saturday, January 31, 2009

Plat Maps of Steunenberg and Ferdinand

Today I received a very interesting copy of the 1907 Steunenberg, Idaho plat map along with a detailed "Certification and Dedication of Owner" with a full property description and the names of Sallie and James Vollmer, another plat map of Ferdinand, a couple smaller maps of the streets and showing property owners at the time and property deeds for current owners. I have reviewed satellite and city maps of today, descriptions and photos of the towns and have pinpointed where Steunenberg apparently once stood. Not really difficult to find.

Above is one of the small 8 1/2" by 11" map pages. The 1907 "Plat of Steunenberg" and the "Certification and Dedication of Owner" are too large for scanning and the Ferdinand plat is larger yet. Eventually, I will try to so get some partial scans posted and will be dropping a note in the mail to the property owners to see what they can tell me.

Time to start planning the expedition.

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