Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Trouble-The Idaho Project by Scott Fife

Photos courtesy of Scott Fife & Platform Gallery. All rights retained by the artist. Click on the photo to enlarge.

I am not getting much posted this weekend (Monday is still my weekend) but have been going through the piles of paper, copies, pictures, articles, etc that relate to family history and these events. All those piles and boxes seem to proliferate no matter how much filing I do. In the course of my digging, I found and followed-up on a few emails, old requests and investigative trails. More proliferating! While sorting, I spotted some pictures of Scott Fife's Big Trouble: The Idaho Project that I had seen at the Boise Museum back in 2007. I had put him over in the left hand side column for later posting and finally now getting there.

Today, we are just going to start with a picture. Click and enlarge the the one above and see if you can name each of the cast of characters that were involved in some way with the assassination of Governor Steunenberg and the trial of Bill Haywood. Hint...that is the top of the assassinated governor's head, my great grandfather, facing the camera. Sitting here now, I still sense the rather uncanny feeling that came upon me as I first walked into the room and spotted Frank "laying" there. Just to right (the small little heads) are the twelve jurors. If you are really good, you can name each of the jurors. Can you name the other figures?

Next week, or when I get to it, a little more about the artist, the medium and the subjects of this most fascinating artistic project.

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Rebecca said...

I remember reading about Henry Orchard and the assassination of Governor Steunenberg just a couple months ago. I visited the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise and Orchard was one of the most famous prisoners that lived there.

You have a great blog. It's nice to see one that is related to topics in Idaho history.