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1880 Census - Knoxville, Iowa-Steunenberg Family

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1880 Census - Knoxville, Iowa-Steunenberg Family

Bernardus and the ten Steunenberg Children are entered on lines 4 through 14 of this 1880 Census document. 4.Bernardus, 5.Delia, 6.William (Will), 7.John, 8.Frank (future Governor), 9.Albert (AK), 10.Charles (sometimes known as Pete), 11.George ("The Major"), 12.Elizabeth (Lizzie), 13.Josephine, and 14.Jennie "Grace."

Under "Profession, Occupation...", Bernardus, William and John are listed as Shoemakers, Delia as a Housekeeper ("Keep House") and Frank as a Typesetter ("Sets Type").
Cornelia Steunenberg

Mother died leaving her family of ten (Cornelia Keppel Steunenberg died 6/5/1876 jr.). Grace, myself, the baby was then nine months old. The brunt of the care of the family and household fell upon the shoulders of Delia, a girl of twenty-two, and the oldest of the children. She used a forty-eight pound sack of flour a week to keep this growing family supplied with excellent homemade bread. She at once assumed the role of mother to the baby. My brothers say she spoiled me and maybe she did, but she made a wonderful substitute for a mother. With the help of the older children, she and my father kept the family together. Father never remarried.
--Grace Steunenberg Crookham, 1945, Keppel Family History

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