Friday, May 21, 2010

Haywood, Moyer & Pettibone Photographs

These aren't anything you haven't see before but are a couple of "original photographs" I recently picked up. Now I don't really consider them originals but they probably were made from an original print or maybe a negative. Hence, I would not pay as high a premium and got them at a reasonably inexpensive price. Maybe someone out there knows more about these kinds of photographs. They were typically archived by newspapers and magazines and used as needed in their publications. The photos are usually much sharper and show more detail as opposed to how they come out on newsprint. We have seen these from coverage of the trial in 1907 and in various publications since.

That's William D. "Big Bill" Haywood in the top photo taken inside his jail cell at the Sheriff's office in the Boise Courthouse. You can click here and view the same photograph in a newspaper article from 1907 by going to my website. And here is the same item as an artists rendition. Lower photo outside the jail/Sheriff's Office, probably on a break during the trial or waiting for the days proceedings to start. George Pettibone, Haywood in his traditional pose turning his bad eye away from the camera and Charles Moyer. Names are written on the back but we know these guys anyway.

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