Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Photograph Of Jury That Will Render Judgement On Haywood

This newspaper photograph is similar to other views of the jury we have seen before but is reportedly the first. A good view of each juror along with the names. Click on the photo to enlarge for viewing.

--Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN, June 10, 1907, page 1

"The most remarkable aspect of that dozen was their relative homogeneity. All were or had been farmers. Nine still tilled the land, while one was a real estate agent, one a building contractor, and one a foreman of fence construction. Eight were Republicans, three were Democrats, and one was a Prohibitionist. All but one were fifty years old; most were in their late fifties or their sixties. All wore beards, chin whiskers, or mustaches, or a luxuriant combination of the three."
--From Big Trouble by J. Anthony Lukas

To see a couple of more pictures of the jury and inside the Haywood courtroom, click here.

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