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No Neckties Allowed #3 - the Brunelle/Haney family, Black Bear Idaho & a Harry Orchard connection

Hopefully I can get a post on here without too much trouble this morning. Some malware has been hijacking and redirecting to other links and not letting me get access during the past couple of weeks. It is still hanging around but my techie (son Joe) has weeded out some of it. Usually we clean those out without too much trouble but this one has been particularly troublesome.

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by an Andy Brunelle regarding an old photograph he had spotted on my blog. I had purchased it quite some time ago because I liked it. There was no particular Steunenberg connection other than it was circa 1906 and up in the mining region of Northern Idaho. The photo has been dwelling down in the depths of this blog in what is left of a non-archived picture section. I have been trying to pull those items up and incorporate them into main blog posts where appropriate and the time has finally arrived for this one.

From the writing on the back, it appeared to be a photograph taken near Black Bear, Idaho. It turns out that the woman on the far right with her dog is Margariete Haney, Andy's grandmother and the family has one of these same photographs. I also later connected up with Andy's brother, Michael, and his "Brunelle Nation" blog site on which the links directly below are located. The other woman and child are unidentified and not known to the family. If you know any more about this photograph, please email me. I did just notice that Margariete is the spelling on the back of the photograph but Marguerite is used on the Brunelle website. Andy and Michael no doubt have it correct. I seem to be having a heck of time spelling it right too.
The Brunelle's/Haney's have some interesting history in the Black Bear area, having run a boarding house in those early years. Not surprisingly, considering where the family lived, there were miners in the family too. However, I was surprised by a connection that led to Harry Orchard. See "Brunelle and the Assassin" and other links below.

The 1910 Fires and the Brunelle Story

Marguerite Haney

Brunelle and the Assassin

Some other new links of interest for this week:
Idaho Resolutions regarding the death of Frank Steunenberg

The Story of Governor Steunenberg's Murder, Current Opinion June 1907

Trust Companies of Idaho 1904 - Principals & assets of the Caldwell Bank & Trust (click again on the page that comes up to view the full length first column)

Assassination of Ex-Governor Steunenberg, History Of Idaho

The Case of "Big Bill" Haywood 1907

Woman Suffrage in Idaho by Frank Steunenberg (you may have seen this before on the blog but worth another look). Here is a link showing the original version I acquired of the Harper's Bazar in which the article appeared.

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