Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old Boise Courthouse & Jail

Today when we speak of the "old courthouse", one typically thinks of the grand art deco building that served Ada County until 2002. However, at the time of the Haywood trial, the older courthouse and jail built in 1882 stood in approximately the same spot.

You have seen the courthouse before in photographs of the trial and the souvenir postcard that was printed at the time (I have several and you can see one in a link below). However, the real photo postcard pictured below is a rather tough find that I finally added to the collection just recently. It is unused but with a note on the back "Court House & Jail, Boise, Ida. A lot of judicial history was made here in a rather short period of time. It is always nice to acquire a period reminder of a long gone historical site. Click on the photo to enlarge for viewing.

Does anyone have information/records/stories on other trials that took place here or individuals that might have been housed in the jail?

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