Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Bad Bob" Meldrum in "The Outlaw Rockies"

New book chronicles infamous Colorado criminals, including those on the Western Slope

'''Bad Bob' Meldrum doesn’t fit neatly into any of those categories. He had stints as a Pinkerton agent, marshal, union strikebreaker and range detective, but he was a better outlaw than keeper of the peace, according to 'The Crime Bluff's Guide to the Outlaw Rockies.'''

Click here on Outlaw Rockies or the heading above to read a review of this new book.

Amazon.com link to Outlaw Rockies.

The photo postcard below is one of the few reminders of the Haywood trial that was passed down from my grandparents to my mother and finally on to me. Grandpa Julian Steunenberg did not want any reminders or discussion of those events in the household. The photo is a prized possession that you have seen on the blog before and I am always on the hunt for similar original period items.

Bad Bob is just to Orchard's left with his arm out and hand appearing to be touching Orchard's back. Of course that is Charles Siringo up on the stairs. With the exception of the assassin, no doubt everyone else is packing some hardware under those coats. You can read about Bad Bob's Colt revolver in one of the blog posts cited below.

Holster made by "Bad Bob."

"Bad Bob" and a pair of his chaps.

"Hanged By The Neck Until You Are Dead"

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Photo above right shows one of Meldrum's Colts courtesy of Kurt House.Com Old West Collectables.

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