Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Don't forget to check out my Fold3 pages now and then. I recommend clicking on "Spotlights" in the above box to view various items of interest. Most, but not all, are related to Steunenberg, other kinfolk, Haywood trial, militaria, etc. The viewer allows you to enlarge images as much as needed.

The "Annotations" link is for smaller bits of information I found in newspapers and documents.

"Comments" are images where I have mentioned something or provided a link. Tends to be repetitive so you might want to skip that one.

"Memorial Pages" are mostly pages that Fold3 posts for any person that shows up on the Social Security death records or a few I have created myself. Why it says over 200 I do not know. Perhaps they are counting every death record related to Steunenberg, Keppel, Crookham, etc. Only the few I have created are shown. I have added items to some but it is a work in progress. You should be able to add comments, photos, etc. to the "Memorial Pages" without being a Fold3 member as long as that feature is enabled. Any that I have started are open to additions.

"Uploads" are photos or articles that I have added to the Fold3 site. Much of it pertains to items you may have seen on this blog.

Don't forget March is Women's History Month

If you have someone or something you want me to search for, send an email and I will see what I can find. And if you haven't seen the Mathew Brady collection of Civil War photographs, come on over for that if for nothing else. It's free. I have mentioned previously some of our kinfolk that fought in the Civil War and will try to do more in that regard as time allows.

Brady Civil War Photos
Mathew B. Brady

As a young man, Mathew Brady moved to New York City and began working as a jewelry case maker. During this time he was introduced to the inventor Samuel Morse, who showed Brady the daguerrotype photo process. - From Fold3

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