Friday, July 20, 2012

"Preserving the stories behind Idaho law"

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A recent online article in the Idaho Statesman reminded me once again of the Idaho Legal History Society (ILHS). The ILHS was formed in 2005, the 100 year anniversary of the assassination of my great-grandfather, Governor Frank Steunenberg. Hence, I was very pleased with the design chosen for their logo. Although many important legal events and individuals are scattered throughout the state's history, it seemed appropriate that Idaho's crime and trial of the century would be the focal point of the societies inception. Their sponsorship of the stage play,  The Gate on 16th Avenue, and support and participation in Idaho Public Television's production of Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century, was a fitting start to the societies preservation efforts. I was fortunate to have attended both the play and and the premiere of "Assassination" and continue to enjoy a lifetime's worth of memories and historical interests connected to those events. By all means, yes, thank you ILHS for "preserving the stories behind Idaho law."

Preserving the stories behind Idaho law 
The Idaho Statesman

Idaho Legal Historical Society Website

Some Highlights from the ILHS website:
The Trial of Big Bill Haywood

ILHS Newsletter Winter 2012 (Sheep versus Cattle, "Stocky" Stockslager, "Diamondfield Jack" Davis, etc.)

The Advocate December 2006 (other great issues too but I will always be partial to this one).   

Byron S. Johnson Award   

Oral Histories

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