Saturday, August 25, 2012

Postmarked Boise, Idaho, May 9th, 1907

Here is a post card of Boise showing Main Street and the Idanha Hotel. The card is very common and this one is not in very good shape.  So why bother buying and posting it here on the blog?

The interesting thing about this one is the date indicated by the writer, 5/8/1907, and the Boise, ID postmark of May 9, 1907. Do you know why?

Hint (I am inserting some punctuation that was commonly left out in those days): the writer says, "Does this scene look natural. Trial starts in morning. Have seen your papers?"

Here is a short blurb on the trial in question:
"With the Adams case out of the way for the time being, the state could move ahead with the prosecution of the Western Federation Officials.  After Fremont Wood replaced Judge Bryan and Boise replaced Caldwell as the scene of the trial, the trial of William D. Haywood was finally set for May 9th, 1907."
Debaters and Dynamiters: The Story of the Haywood Trial by David H. Grover

So not a major historical discovery but an interesting postcard nonetheless. These old cards allow us to reach back and touch a moment in time from someone who was actually there on May 9th, 1907.

Monday, September 14, 2009
"6/14/(19)07 Big crowds here, on account of Haywood trial"

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