Monday, October 8, 2012

KTTV 11 TV Icon 'Sheriff John' Dies on Saturday at 93

I lost an old friend in Boise this past weekend. Never met him but we "talked" nonetheless just about everyday when I was a young preschooler growing up in the 1950's. He was a part of my history. Not sure how many Boiseans realized the treasure they had living out his later years within their midst. 

John Rovick donned a sheriff's
 hat, khaki uniform and badge to
become Sheriff John on KTTV's
 daily "Cartoon Time" show.

 (Rothschild Photo/KTTV)

Idaho Statesman

KTTV Los Angeles

 "Sheriff' John dies at 93; popular L.A. children's TV host

Remembering Sheriff John

"Sheriff John" (Rovick) Birthday Tribute  

While growing up in in Southern California, Sheriff John was a regular stop on my childhood TV itinerary.  Of course we had the same name, so that was cool, and what kid wouldn't want to be a sheriff and have a badge. To top it off,  it didn't get any better then the birthday club, especially on the day Sheriff John would read your name live on the air and wish you a happy birthday. I remember the day it finally happened, as for some reason mom had to make sure I was tuned in on the old black and white TV and paying attention to the show. On that day, I watched and heard Sheriff John say my name before the daily singing of: Put Another Candle on my Birthday Cake. 

Yes, Sheriff John was kind of corny, as were a lot of kid shows in those days. We were innocent (this sheriff had no guns and never shot nobody),  taught us manners, no cuss words, how to treat people with kindness and respect and to celebrate our family and friends. Seems we could use a little more "corny" back in our lives and on our big screen 3D HDTV's of today.  

Rest in Peace Sheriff.
"Laugh and be Happy" everybody.

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Vince said...

On a recent trip to the barbershop, noted a new picture on a shelf, with two men in cowboy hats. I asked one of them was Don, Chips dad who cut my families hair for so many years, but it was not.

He said it was Sheriff John, who now lived in Boise and came in for haircuts. If he did come in, I don't recall ever meeting him, however, he probably did not advertise his fame.

I don't recall the show either, but should have, as so many of us baby-boomers watched such shows. I'm sure his show was great and sad to lose such a man.