Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another 1907 Boise Idaho/Harry Orchard shootout

You all remember my recent post about that Harry Orchard card with the various "guards" standing in front of the Boise Courthouse: Saturday, May 3, 2014 Shootout over Harry Orchard

I was able to purchase that one to go along with another of the same handed down through our family. As I mentioned, the one on eBay was the the only time I had seen another over many years of searching. I was happy to add it to the collection.

Low and behold, what pops up on eBay within a couple weeks—another one! None seen for decades and then two within weeks of each other on eBay. Maybe this seller had seen what the last auction had fetched and decided it was time to sell.

This one purchased by the other guy.
This most recent card (shown here) did not attract as much attention but two of us seemed to be enough. I was certainly interested but wasn't going to set quite as high a snipe as the last go around. However, a third card would be nice and I wasn't going to let someone else pick it up for a song. I had noticed a familiar fellow collector (by way of eBay symbols and feedback #'s) known as I***N—who had been second in the running for the card I had purchased earlier. No doubt I***N wasn't going let me fetch this one too.

So  congratulations to I***N, as it was now my turn to come out #2 and I am content knowing both the cards have found good homes...but we sure made each other pay for it!
Photos from eBay auction 390845224956.

These eBay links won't last forever, but here are the two recently purchased cards.
The other one

There are often interesting little clues and tidbits of information on these cards and this one is no exception. Check out both sides and see what you can find.

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