Sunday, October 5, 2014

Unidentifed Caldwell Idaho school/class photographs.

While going through my all too many files and boxes, I ran across a couple of 1927 era school  photographs from Caldwell, Idaho. I believe these were acquired with other Idaho items a few years back (perhaps from eBay). I have no reason to believe they are family related although you never know if a Steunenberg or Crookham is among the group. Let me know if you are kinfolk and see any familiar family faces.

I am also looking for assistance from all the helpful Caldwell/Idaho history experts out there, particularly those who might be familiar with early schools in the area. If you recognize someone related to your family, or if a school, historical society or organization has some interest in these, just let me know. I will make you an offer you can't refuse but you will have to provide me with documentation to verify any connection or reason for your interest. However, if I do find an unexpected personal family connection, they will probably stay where they are.

On the back.
Afternoon Update: Sometimes I just need to open my eyes and take a closer look (magnayfing glass) at the schools in Early Caldwell Through Photographs by Elaine C. Leppert & Lorene B. Thompson. The photo above looks to be on the front steps of Van Buren School in Caldwell.
From Early Caldwell Through Photographs.
Detail of the front steps.
From Early Caldwell Through Photographs: "The original Van Buren was sold for $1 to the Calvary Temple Church for materials." Looks like Canyon Springs High School occupies the same general site now on the corner of 11th and E. Denver.

Not sure if the class/location below is from Van Buren or somewhere else in Caldwell.
"Mason" maybe a student or the teachers name?
Above from the back side. Not sure why the town names or if  the #'s relate to student census or what.

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