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Idaho Statesman Editorial 6/26/2015

Governor Butch Otter

Statesman: Same-sex ruling puts to rest decades of debate

From the Idaho Statesman Editorial Board (click above for full editorial): "We feel it is time for those in this state who object to the ruling to live and let live, and for those who can see their way clear to love and let love. Idaho same-sex couples who are already married, and those who will be, are entitled to every legal benefit and every “for better, for worse, for richer and poorer” attraction the institution affords." (Statesman editorials are the unsigned opinion expressing the consensus of the Statesman’s editorial board. To comment on an editorial or suggest a topic, email 

I see this photo floating around that has given Governor Otter a bit of color. Although it was a far different time in our history, I like to think Governor Steunenberg would have been on the right side of this issue as he was in regards to Women Suffrage in Idaho in the late 1800's/early 1900's, which also elicited very strong points of viewwith suffragettes ridiculed, spat upon and even jailed because of their advocacy for voting rights. Although Governor Otter may not welcome the rainbow in regards to marriage equality, I would hope that if my great grandfather were governor today that he would view it favorably―despite the likely objections from many others in Idaho as were also voiced in regards to voting rights for women in his day. 

Gov. Steunenberg in rainbow color.

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