Saturday, January 2, 2016

1966 telegram to Governor Smylie regarding Julian Steunenberg's death

Not of major significance in terms of Idaho history but of course a sad day in 1966 for me personally and our family with the passing of my grandfather Julian Steunenberg (Find A Grave). This telegram happened to be recently found among the papers of Idaho Governor Smylie. The records of Governor Smylie are housed at the College of Idaho archives that bears his name as are the Crookham/Steunenberg papers.
Courtesy of Jan Boles, Archivist, COI Smylie Archives
In the above telegram, my cousin Roy Steunenberg is notifying Governor Smylie's office of the death of our grandfather, Julian Pope Steunenberg (blog page), eldest son of Governor Frank Steunenberg, and impeding burial at Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell.

Here are a couple December 31, 1905 telegrams to Julian regarding the murder of his father Governor Steunenberg. These appeared some years ago on this blog and are from my personal family collection. Click on the pics for blog link.
Above telegram of condolences to Julian from M. E. Cady, president of Walla Walla College.
From Clarence W. Kime, a friend of Julian at Walla Walla College, notifying Frances Wood (my future grandmother) "Julian's father was murdered at 7pm dec 30th."
Above letter of condolence from Clarence on Hotel Moscow letterhead (click on the letter)

National Registry of Historic Places worksheet on the Moscow Hotel 

Above from Ott Historical Photograph Collection Northern Idaho as it was, 1890 - 1980
Julian and Clarence can be seen in this old photograph of a softball team at Walla Walla College circa 1905, the same year his father would be assassinated.Click here or on the photo for caption with names.

Other letters of condolence 


Tara A. Rowe said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment on one of your recent pieces and this reminded me. Over the past few weeks I've taken a few trips to the Smylie Archive to do research in the Symms Collection and mentioned to Jan what a fan I am of your blog (and you, of course). He told me the history of how they've ended up with Steunenberg items. Pretty fascinating! It's a great archive that I wish had far more patrons. Incredible collections with amazing historical value.

Anyway... Keep up the good work! Us here in the Idaho history trenches truly appreciate it.

Happy New Year, John!

- Tara

John T. Richards Jr. said...

Long time no hear Tara! Thanks for dropping in and for visiting the Smylie archives. You mean you actually found and saw Mr. Jan Boles? He and I have not had much contact lately and are both working on retirement I do believe. I miss not being nearby and have to make a trip soon. Your right in that the archives is underutilized. They need to get their website modernized, collections back online and raise the profile. Of course all it takes is a lot of hours, money and personnel. Hence I don't think the college ever wants to let Jan go!

I hope (well I know) the historical and political projects are keeping you busy, active and engaged in life. Regards, John

Tara A. Rowe said...

Alas, the modernization and digitalization of collections is out of reach for small archives. It amazes me how an archive with just one man can keep plowing along. When I was working at ISU there were 3 paid employees (including me) and 1 volunteer and we barely kept things up. I truly admire Jan. I can't imagine that place without him.

Yes, yes, he told me you were working on retiring. Perhaps that will allow you more time for research and as I've always said, when you make it over this way next, we'll have to get together and talk Idaho history.