Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gov. Steunenberg proclamation creating the Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game & naming Charles Arbuckle as the first director

I been having a few computer glitches but back online for the moment so getting in a quick blog post.

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The proclamation signed by Governor Steunenberg is shown in the background and a photograph of State Game Warden Charles Arbuckle in the foreground.

"Visitors can see historically significant items related to the infancy of the department, such as the 1899 proclamation by then-Gov. Frank Steunenberg appointing the first state game warden, Charles Arbuckle, and thus creating the department. A document embosser, more than 100 years old, shows the department's seal.
--From: A Hundred Years of Hatcheries on Display

Idaho Fish & Game

My thanks and appreciation to Sharon Clark of the Idaho Fish & Game Department for leading me to this discovery and for providing a copy of the proclamation. Hopefully I can get a look at it in person someday and get a few more photographs or scans.

If anyone has more photographs and/or information on Charles Arbuckle, I would sure appreciate knowing about it and so would Sharon and the IDFG.

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