Monday, February 14, 2011

COI Archives Spotlight #2 - 1/12/1890 original letter - Frank Steunenberg to family in Iowa

Back on 11/27/2010, I posted the first page of this personal though politically pertinent letter written by Frank Steunenberg on 1/12/1890 to our family in Iowa. I am finally getting back with the original four page penned letter followed by a three page transcribed version. Frank had been elected as a representative to the Constitutional Convention for Idaho in early 1889. I think the letter gives you a flavor of his dry humor, lack of formality and down to earth nature (my interpretation of a few of his personality characteristics).

On November 5, 1899, the citizens voted to ratify the State Constitution and on July 3rd 1890, President Harrison signed it into law and Idaho became a state.

This letter comes courtesy of the COI Archives but is not yet available as a part of the online collection.

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