Friday, February 4, 2011

The Union Block Building, Boise, Idaho

A nice old original photograph I have of the Union Block Building. Update 11/2015: I provided a scan several years ago and it was posted to the Boise Architecture Project (BAP) website but credited incorrectly. Not a big deal but don't appreciate an original image from my collection being claimed by someone else. Requested a correction but never happened. However, go to the BAP website where you can real more about this historic structure.

No doubt Governor Steunenberg and other kinfolk moseyed on down there from time to time. So did I during my 2007 visit to Boise. I reckon the governor would have stopped in at the Capitol News office that began there in 1901.

Fortunately, the building survived the scourge of urban renewal and has found a new life in a revitalized downtown. Click on the pic to enlarge for viewing.

"The Union Block Building is a Richardsonian Romanesque-styled building. It was designed by architect John E. Tourellotte in 1899 and was completed in 1902 at a cost of approximately $35,000. The builder, J.W. Smith used brick and sandstone. The Sandstone was quarried locally at Tablerock." -- From: Union Block Building

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