Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Soldiers Home - Boise, Idaho

A nice article from Arthur Hart in today's Idaho Statesman. This was the third in a series about the old Boise soldiers home. The links to parts I and II are included below along with a few related websites of interest. Thank you Arthur for another interesting glimpse into Idaho's past.

(Part III) - Idaho History: Soldiers Home history features a whistleblower and two bad fires by Arthur Hart - Special to the Idaho Statesman - 1/16/2011

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"Steunenberg summed up with this blast: 'It is a soldier’s home and not a political sinecure intended to afford strutting room for a few petty officials.' Steunenberg was elected governor of Idaho just two years later."

(Part I) - Idaho History: Idaho’s first ‘Old Soldiers Home’ opened in 1895 BY ARTHUR HART - SPECIAL TO THE STATESMAN Published: 01/02/11.

(Part II) - Idaho History: First Idaho Soldiers Home opened in May 1895 BY ARTHUR HART - SPECIAL TO THE STATESMAN Published: 01/09/11.

Soldiers Home Boise, ID (photo)

Idaho Soldiers' Home Cornerstone Collection (ISHS)

ISHS Reference Series #713, updated 1985 - Idaho Soldiers Home

Boise Idaho Veterans Home Today

U.S. Military Old Soldiers Home Records

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