Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Soldiers Home - Boise, Idaho

A nice article from Arthur Hart in today's Idaho Statesman. This was the third in a series about the old Boise soldiers home. The links to parts I and II are included below along with a few related websites of interest. Thank you Arthur for another interesting glimpse into Idaho's past.

Update 8/2/17: Links not working but leaving the titles. Trying to update these links to three part series from Arthur Hart. So far can no longer get access through Idaho Statesman. Will keep working on finding the articles.

(Part I) - Idaho History: Idaho’s first ‘Old Soldiers Home’ opened in 1895 BY ARTHUR HART - SPECIAL TO THE STATESMAN Published: 01/02/11.

(Part II) - Idaho History: First Idaho Soldiers Home opened in May 1895 BY ARTHUR HART - SPECIAL TO THE STATESMAN Published: 01/09/11.

(Part III) - Idaho History: Soldiers Home history features a whistleblower and two bad fires by Arthur Hart - Special to the Idaho Statesman - 1/16/2011

"Steunenberg summed up with this blast: 'It is a soldier’s home and not a political sinecure intended to afford strutting room for a few petty officials.' Steunenberg was elected governor of Idaho just two years later."

More....these are working now...I hope.

Soldiers Home Boise, ID (photo)

Idaho Soldiers' Home Cornerstone Collection (ISHS PDF file to view contents)

ISHS Reference Series #713, updated 1985 - Idaho Soldiers Home

Idaho's Soldiers' Home

Deaths and burials, Boise Barracks Military Reserve, Idaho 1863-1913

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