Monday, January 10, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords and the Assassination of Frank Steunenberg

Click on the above heading. This has certainly been a tragic week, what with the assassination attempt on Congresswomen Giffords, the murder of six, and thirteen others injured. The link takes you to a brief post that mentions Steunenberg and Giffords and comes by way of a fellow blogger.

After any assassination, be it attempted or regrettably successful, I cannot help but think back through history to that evening of December 1905 and the events surrounding the assassination of Ex-Governor Steunenberg. The blog entry cited here is very brief, and overly simplistic when it comes to what are often very complicated and socially significant events. Certainly that is the case with the assassination of Frank Steunenberg, the trial of William Haywood and the conviction of Harry Orchard. The evidence would indicate that Orchard was not a "deranged loner." What the evidence will show in the more recent tragedy remains to be seen. Regardless, I would agree with the blogger that we must always be "careful about jumping to conclusions regarding the motives behind acts of political violence"and I would addcareful also in regards to summarily dismissing any connections or influences where evidence might indicate otherwise.

I am not sure if any legitimate or even vague connection can be drawn between these two events. The brief blog entry cited here is nonetheless a welcomed addition to the discussion that we need to be having and I thank Mathew Algeo for raising it.

I will have more to say at a later date.

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