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Where is the final resting place of Major George Steunenberg & his wife Georgia?

Sometimes there has been confusion as to where Major George E. Steunenberg, and his wife Georgia, are actually buried. The answer is Arlington National Cemetery, NOT Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell, Idaho. One of the reasons for the confusion is that Arlington previously had the Steunenberg name misspelled in their database. How many times have we seen that before! I requested a correction and it was done several years ago.

Further muddying up the picture is that information on the Find A Grave website lists Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell, ID as the burial site for George and Georgia. That is incorrect too as it is a memorial marker at Canyon Hill. I have asked the person managing that page to make the change so hopefully you will see it soon. I also have added some photos, including of George's and Georgia's markers at Arlington. Perhaps a link to the the actual Arlington grave site would also be helpful.

Memorial Marker at the family plot, Canyon Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Idaho. The DOB for George on the Find A Grave site is also incorrect and should be Aug. 10, not Aug. 20. As you can see above, dates were not used on the marker itself, only years.

Further adding to the confusion, there are actually two different Find A Grave entries for both George and Georgia (4 total). I think having the two sites is fine as long as the information is correct and each makes mention of, and links to, the other.

George Steunenberg:
Arlington National Cemetery
Canyon Hill Cemetery, Caldwell, Idaho 

Georgia Steunenberg
Arlington National Cemetery
Canyon Hill Cemetery

Probably doesn't help having a husband and wife with the names George and Georgia either!

So in the end, the actual resting place for Major George Steunenberg and wife Georgia is at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. However, the memorial marker in Caldwell remains an eternal symbol of their connection to Idaho and to the many family members resting peacefully on Canyon Hill.

A young George in the U.S. Navy
On the L Charles S. & George on the R

You have seen these photos elsewhere on the blog. However, I need a photo of Georgia if anyone has one.I believe she became a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and see a couple of brief references. Need to do more research.

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And George wrote a lot more, sometimes getting accolades and at other times into a little trouble with the Army for his comments and criticisms. He was a rather free spirit and one of my favorite ancestors because of it. I recently picked up a second copy ($2 as I recall) of his entertaining little book, Songs of a Soldier. He also wrote Memories of Hawaii and Other Verse.

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