Monday, February 25, 2008

Clarence Darrow to Professor Hugo Munsterberg - August 16, 1907..."You consorted and associated with the enemies of the defense...."

Click the pages to enlarge. This is a photocopy courtesy of Boston Public Library.
An interesting letter from Darrow to the Professor. As you may know, forensic psychology was still in its infancy. Munsterberg's examination of Orchard was one of the very earliest examples of its application in the courtroom and certainly created a great deal of controversy. As seen in this letter, Darrow had little use for the good professor or his theories about Orchard's testimony.

I also obtained what should be a 20 page document written by Hugo Munsterberg entitled "Experiments With Harry Orchard." Unfortunately, pages 9-14 and 16-18 are missing and not in the Boston Public Library archives. If anyone has information as to where complete copies of this document or others written my Munsterberg relating to the Haywood trial can be obtained then I sure would be interested in knowing. Thanks, John

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