Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Martyr of Idaho by Frank W. Steunenberg - Uncle Frank's White Book and The Beatles White Album

September 4, 1983
"I want the world to know that when this story is mentioned I want them to be aware of the real hero of this story: my father, instead of the criminal who killed him. " Frank W. Steunenberg"

Click to Enlarge for viewing this old clipping from among my papers.

Martyr comes in two versions. The larger format "white one" and a smaller format light green cover. I have one of each. This white one of my Great Uncle Frank's is much harder to find then even the white album (with a vinyl record for those that remember) of the Beatles and generally sells at a higher price too. Beatles fans know what I am talking about. Being a fan of both, I am always on the hunt for what I call "the white ones". A little goofy I know and I hope Uncle Frank won't mind this boy from the 60's generation comparing the rare nature of his white one to that other white one. Being the forgiving man that he was, I don't think I will be in any hot water.

Though limited, I have very fond memories of my Great Uncle Frank. He is often referred to as Frank Jr. to delineate him as the son of the slain governor. However, Frank was technically not named a Jr. at birth. As with by great grandfather Frank Sr. and my grandfather Julian, he was (in my view as a young boy) a very caring, modest and unassuming man. I saw very little of him later in life...something that one always looks back at with regret. My Great Uncle Frank passed away August 12, 1990. He is survived by his daughters Beth and Alice. I have had the pleasure of spending some time with Beth during my recent trips to Idaho and reminiscing about her father and his brother/my grandfather Julian and our common Steunenberg kinship.

Now I can't wait until all the Beatles fans out there start doing Google and Blog searches and end up here!

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