Friday, May 23, 2008

The Marines

In the family we often think of the better known and published prose of "The Major", George E. Steunenberg, brother of the Governor. I will get some of the Major's items on here too. But this poem was written by my 95 years young Uncle Cal Steunenberg, older brother of my mother Brenda (almost 90) and son of Julian and Frances Steunenberg. It is not dated but was written sometime during or shortly after WWII and I think it is a fitting start to this Memorial Day weekend. Uncle Cal or Cousin Roy Steunenberg might be able to date it more accurately.
As is always the case, it is the patina of time, the hand made corrections and the addition of the three cent stamps at the top commemorating that moment on Mount Suribachi that reflects the heart and soul of its author in honoring his fellow soldiers. I will let Uncle Cal's words do the talking as we honor the service and sacrifice of all those past and present on this Memorial weekend.

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