Monday, June 2, 2008

Arthur Hart-Idaho of 1863 had counties now located in other states (Idaho Statesmen 5/27/08)

Just when I was feeling guilty that I had not gotten a little more up on the blog this weekend (although I did go through and create a lot of new links that you will want to try out), up came my Google Steunenberg alert with this article by Arthur Hart. Click on the post title to see it on the Idaho Statesmen website.

If you don't know Arthur, he is Director Emeritus of the Idaho State Historical Society, is an authority on Western history and architecture and has written many books on these subjects. A number of his books occupy an honored spot on by bookcase. He was instrumental in evaluating and appraising the Frank Steunenberg documents at the College of Idaho (COI) comprising the George L. Crookham Jr. collection. Of course you can see many of those documents on the COI Smylie archives website at:

Fortunately, Arthur has never retired totally from the scene and continues to contribute regularly to historical preservation. His weekly column provides often little known nuggets of history and since this one happened to mention Frank Steunenberg it popped up on my auto search. I need to remember and check the Idaho Statesman more regularly for Arthur's stories...maybe start up a weekly link to it on my blog.

I want to thank Arthur for his continued contributions to preserving and documenting our historical heritage.

NBA Playoff Update: For you basketball fans and baby boomers like me, it is going to be like old times in the NBA finals. My Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics beat the Detroit Pistons so we will have a Lakers/Celtics final for the first time in quite a few years. Maybe we can convince Magic Johnson and Larry Bird or Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Robert Parrish or Elgin Baylor and Kevin McHale or Jerry West and John Havlicek to come out of retirement and do an old timers game at halftime? Then again, maybe it is best to leave history alone, see them in the crowd and just reminisce a bit about the old days.

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