Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Statements Of Principal Actors In The Haywood Trial

No, the title does not refer no to the actors in the 2005 stage play, The Gate on 16th Avenue, or the Idaho Public TV production of Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century--but it could have. Be it a courtroom, a playhouse stage or a TV production, the saga of the Haywood trial in 1907 up to its most recent depiction in 2007 has continued to spark our interest and intrigue in this tragic story. Then as now, we have seen, read about and heard many individuals who have demonstrated great skill and passion in all of the above venues.

Click on any of the images to enlarge. This is part of a more extensive news story in the July 29, 1907 Chicago Tribune reviewing the verdict of the Haywood trial. The photo that goes with it, "What The Jury Did" is in my September 27th post below. See the full article in my CONNECTIONS on Footnote.com.

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