Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Squabble Over Man's Politics"

5/19/1907 - The Chicago Tribune

Again this afternoon there was a joke of local application that created a good deal of merriment in the room. Daniel Clark*, who said he was a democrat, was being examined by Richardson, who asked him what kind of democrat he was, referring to the democratic split in the state over the question of supporting Steunenberg for his action on the Coeur d'Alene troubles in 1899. "I object to that question," cut in Hawley, who is a democrat, "on the ground that it is a libel on the democratic party. There are too few of us left in the state to be split up."**

Judge Wood, who is a sturdy republican, found a lot of merriment in that suggestion.

*Daniel Clark was being questioned as a perspective juror. He was one of three Democrats that were seated on the Haywood jury along with eight Republicans and one Prohibitionist.

**Here we are a 100+ years later and there are probably still "too few" democrats in Idaho. John (great grandson of an Idaho Democrat).

See the full article entitled "
Face Third Week of Jury Hunting" under my Footnote Spotlights.

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