Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knife Made by Harry Orchard, Mass Murderer

Here is another item I am moving up from the pictures section and into the main posts. It's a picture of Frank Steunenberg along with a knife made my Harry Orchard while residing in the Idaho Pen. This picture appeared in Knife World , August 1993, Vol. 19, N. 8 as part of a nice several page article. An original of this edition was graciously given to me by Roger Worley, a knife collector from Boise, ID., who has this knife in his collection. Orchard did not make it as a prison weapon or shank. He gave the knife to fellow inmate Tom Farley and it was probably held with Farley's belongings until released. I will have to get in touch with Roger again sometime and see what it might take to get him to part with it! Nice article and pics that I will try to scan and get on the blog at some point. Click the picture to enlarge.

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