Monday, November 3, 2008

More Historical Idaho Music

Check out Gary Eller's latest historical songs found recently during his wanderings through the Idaho panhandle. Some great stuff and new CD's coming soon. Gary has been making a major contribution to the discovery, preservation and recording of historical Idaho music. Many of the songs have been directly related to mining and labor and he even finds the occasional lyrics that refer to the Haywood trial and Governor Steunenberg. I will give a holler to everyone and maybe have some pics to post when the CD's come out.

Following comes from Gary:

Greetings, friends of early Idaho Roots music. The pre-radio Songs of the Month for Nov and Dec now can be heard and read about at

These postings feature some of the neat songs I found during my month of song collecting and performing in the Idaho panhandle in September.

The book/CD "Early Songs of Southern Idaho and the Emigrant Trails" will be available in two weeks, well in time for Christmas.

The Idaho Songbag CD will be finalized this week and available in time for Christmas as well.

Regards, Gary Eller

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