Thursday, July 9, 2009

THE GATE ON WARM SPRINGS ROAD (Idaho Penitentiary, Boise, Idaho)

A few more pics and post cards deleted from the unarchived items at the end bottom of the blog and brought up here.

The entrance gate on Warm Springs Road (now Avenue) to the Idaho Penitentiary. Unfortunately the stone gate was torn down.

On the back:: "This is the Gate-Way to where we keep the Wild Colo Boys when they get to (sic) mean to live in the hills and this is also where Moryar (sic), Haywood & Pettibone lived while they made a visit to this town."

This is a real photo card picture taken down Warm Springs Avenue in Boise toward the Idaho Pen Entrance. In the far distance we see the penitentiary gate shown below in the picture with Harry Orchard. Can anyone give me more information on this shot? I assume it is taken from the direction of Boise and the bluff we see in the far horizon is part of Table Rock?


Harry, "behind bars" at the Idaho Pen.
From a Life Magazine, March 13, 1950 in my collection.


Idaho State Historical Society

Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Audio file: "Dynamite Harry" by Bona Fide (you will need Windows Media player or something similar).

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ALMOST FREE...but never going to happen. Click the image for a clearer reading view.

This letter was written by Harry Orchard to Charles "Peter" Steunenberg. Pete would have preferred to see Orchard swinging from a rope but he did continue to oppose any commutation of the sentence. Letter courtesy of College of Idaho archives.

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