Friday, July 17, 2009

Julian Steunenberg riding in a carriage going to...?

That is a young Julian Steunenberg (my grandfather and eldest son of Governor Frank Steunenberg) sitting up on the front seat as a passenger. I finally determined that the church in the background is St. David's Episcopalian, finished in 1896 at 1001 Main in Caldwell (see photo to the left or page 21 in Early Caldwell Through Photographs). We can see that the photograph from Early Caldwell is some years later, with paved streets, sidewalks, curbs and mature trees. Julian would probably not have been at this particular church for any services other then passing by or picking up a passenger. I have wondered if it might be part of the processional on its way to Canyon Hill Cemetery to his father's funeral? It was made up of similar carriages with family and dignitaries. The card is postmarked March 25th, 1909 which is of course several years later. No message other then neatly typed on the back "Mr. Julian Steunenberg." This came from my mother and grandmothers photo album. Looks like my grandmother made the notation on the front. Let me know if you recognize anyone else in the photo or have more information.

" Early records show that the Episcopalians were holding church services in Caldwell as early as 1884; thy met
whenever a priest, usually one on horseback or by stage, came through town. Services were held at the school, the city hall, the College of Idaho Academy or other churches until 1896 when St. David's, a brick building with stained glass windows, was finished at 1001 Main. A large wood stove to the right of the sanctuary heated the church and the first seats were boxes. A resident priest came in 1888; 'missionary boxes from the East' supplemented his salary. The church was taken down to make way for the Tenth Street overpass. A new church was completed in 1956 at Arlington and Pine using all of the original stained glass windows."
--From Early Caldwell Through Photographs
compiled and written by Elaine C. Leppert and Lorene B. Thurston

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