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Artist Charles N. Landon Sketches Scene At The Haywood Trial

--Washington Post - 6/11/1907.

--Fort Wayne News - 5/21/1907

Click on the pictures to enlarge for better viewing. These were locate on and saved to my Spotlights section.

I had not seen very many sketches that were actually done in the courtroom at the time of the Haywood trial. A little research determined that the artist, "Landon", was Charles N. Landon, an illustrator of some note for The Cleveland Press. Landon went on to develop a correspondence cartooning course that was a must do for many well-known and not so known cartoonists.

During my search, I also ran across the above sketch of Orchard drawn by Landon. Interestingly, this one was apparently done at the Idaho State Pen. It turns out that Landon was one of a second group group of reporters that were granted special access by Governor Frank Gooding and James McParland for an audience with Orchard at the Idaho Penitentiary. I believe that took place on May 16, 1907. Let me know if you have seen or discover other Landon sketches related to the trial.

Highly Recommended
C.N. Landon's mail order correspondence course on cartooning instructed young cartoonists in the early 1900s in the fundamentals of drawing cartoon characters, influencing a generation of artists. Carl Barks (Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge), Floyd Gottfredson (Mickey Mouse), Roy Crane (Wash Tubbs, Buzz Sawyer), Milton Caniff (Steve Canyon) and Jack Cole (Plastic Man) all took the course. This facsimile edition is the first time the course has been republished in its complete form, also including rare promotional material and drawings from his prestigious alumni.

Publisher: Enchanted Images, 2008
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 8x11
Pages: 246pg
Color: black and white
ISBN: #9780978594602
--From Bud's Arts and Books.Com

Finding copies of the above described 2008 edition seems to be a challenge, as apparently only a very small number were ever published.

I don't believe I see Orchard among those on the cover although there are a few evil looking characters in the group. There is one mention of C.N. Landon on page 646 in Big Trouble regarding his impression of Harry Orchard: "Landon saw beneath Orchard's 'veneer of polish and sanctimony' the 'vengeance and greed' that drove him to kill." --Big Trouble by J. Anthony Lukas

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