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These are a few Bill Haywood related items that I am migrating up from the unarchived picture section way down at the bottom of the blog. So if you have bottom fished you may have spotted them before. I will be removing them from that location.

This photograph I acquired of Haywood is probably an old copy made on photographic paper from another photo and sold for use in news publications and periodicals of that period (from the markings on the back). Click image for more information on Haywood.

"so low he has to climb up a ladder to get into Hell"

I saw an original of this postcard just once. Unfortunately, this is just a copy.

Click on any of the images for better viewing.

IWW Today.

If Freedom's road seems rough and hard,
And strewn with rocks and thorns,
Then put your wooden shoes on, pard,
And you won't hurt your corns.
To organize and teach, no doubt,
Is very good, that's true,
But still we can't succeed without
The Good Old Wooden Shoe.
--Joe Hill

This scan of the "Sabotage emblem was provided to me by Gary Eller and is from page 136 of Rosalie Sorrel's 1990 songbook, Way Out in Idaho. It is reproduced with permission of the Idaho Commission on the Arts that owns the rights to Sorrel's book. I moved it up here because it fits perfectly with the video and you will see the same symbols and learn more about what it means.

Information on Haywood is scattered throughout the blog but here are a couple post links.
Bolshevik Bill Haywood-Fugitive in Red Square

Reflections on the Haywood Trial Verdict
Ultimately, even though found not guilty, the violent tactics of Big Bill Haywood were exposed and his influence diminished. Years later, he would flee to Russia, a fugitive from the very justice system that had served him so well in that Boise courtroom."
--John T. Richards, Jr.

Big Bill Haywood is reported on his way back in disgust

My Spotlights

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