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"6/14/(19)07 Big crowds here, on account of Haywood trial"

More photo postcards and coverage from original 1907 McClure's and Collier's Magazines that I have brought up from the un-archived bottom portion of the blog. All items shown are a part of my personal collection.

St. Alphonsus Hospital, Boise, ID.
April 29, 1899. "In bed that day at Boise's St.
Alphonsus Hospital, Frank Steunenberg had a severe case of the grippe and was able to attend to state business only with difficulty. But he sat bold upright when, just before noon, he received a wire from a third party deeply offended by violation of railroad protocol. 'The armed force at Coeur d'Alene mines took possession of a Northern Pacific engine and are using our tracks,' wired Adam L. Mohler, the president of the Oregon Railway, from the Portland headquarters. 'Will you protect us against use and damage of our property?' The news didn't improve the governor's state of mind or body, and he took out his mounting irritation on Sheriff Young, whom he telegraphed: 'Representations are made that you are not able to cope with those who threaten disturbance...Up to this time I have relied upon your power and ability to protect property and preserve order. Wire me the situation and any contemplated or actual violence, as reports seem to call for prompt and vigorous action by the State.'" --Big Trouble by J. Anthony Lukas

Ada County Courthouse during the trial. These postcards were sold as souvenirs of the trial. Click above image to hear an excerpt of Gary Anderson (aka Clarence Darrow) from the production of Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century.

Haywood Trial Jury (McClure's 1907). Left to right: (seated) Samuel D. Gilman, F. A. Robertson, George Powell, Thomas B. Gess (foreman), Daniel Clark; (standing) Levi Smith, O.V. Sebern, A. P. Burns, Samuel F. Russell, H. F. Messecar, Finley McBean, and Lee Schrivener.

Looks to be Charles Moyer on the stand far left and Haywood second from right. This is a photograph I recently acquired. Probably an old copy made on photographic paper from another photo and sold for use in news publications and periodicals (from the markings on the back). 

To read more on the trial you can click the pic and be taken to Professor Linder's Haywood Trial website.

Orchard on the hot seat. Truth or Consequences? Collier's Magazine 1907. Click image for more on Orchard's testimony.

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