Friday, September 25, 2009

A Couple of Personal Notes I Received Regarding the Frank Steunenberg Assassination & Haywood Trial Historical Events/Projects of 2005-2007

Here are a couple more items I am bringing up from the unarchived depths of the blog. These are two letters/personal notes that I received from Magistrate Judge Gaylen L. Box and Former Idaho Supreme Court Justice Byron Johnson.I really appreciated, and will always treasure, the notes and many other kind comments from those involved in these projects.
This above is a nice letter and personal note received from Judge Box after our correspondence in regards to the December 2006 issue of The Advocate (for display purposes I have joined a short second page with the first page of the letter).
Although I must say I was a little intimidated coming up against Justice Johnson for the first time, I quickly found out how interesting and comfortable it is meeting with Byron and talking about the history of these events. Thank you again Byron for all your work and dedication in bringing the production to a reality. Click the following and be taken to the IPTV website and a transcript of Justice Johnson's Interview.

See related letter from Peter Morrill, General Manager of IPTV, and my signed copy of Debaters and Dynamiters on the following post: More of Premiere Night - Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century

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