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Jule "Juke" Steunenberg killed in air crash 7/20/1946

Click the above heading to open a 34 page PDF file "Army Air Forces Report of Major Accident." I have uploaded the report to Google documents. You will get a screen that tells you no preview is available and that is the case for documents this large. In the upper right of the page, click "download" and it will then indicate no virus scan is available as too large again for Google. So either trust me on this one and hit "download anyway" or don't open it. I purchased the report from Aviation Archeology and have marked some of the references to Jule. Note the acronyms PD=Presumed Dead and CMA= Comma.

My Uncle Jule "Juke" Steunenberg was killed on July 20th, 1946 when two B-17G's on a search mission collided over the ocean near Coiba Island Republic of Panama. Twenty men died, ten on each plane. Only five bodies were recovered, one being Uncle Jule. I may post more on Jule and this report later but thought I would get it uploaded now for those that want to take a look.

I also found the information online for Jule's burial site at Forest Lawn. Along with the family, I had been there many decades ago as a young child but recent attempts to locate the grave site online had been unsuccessful. Finally tracked down the problem as being another of the many variations and typos of the name Steunenberg. Here is the link (their spelling with a "v") to Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA with the grave site information: Stevnenberg, Jule Bernard (somehow kept reverting to a wrong link earlier. Hopefully OK now).

Click here for Jule's memorial page on my FOLD3 account or on the image below and that will take you to the viewer. Disappointingly, FOLD3 has only air crashes over U.S. territory and no record of this accident. Hence, I had to go pay up elsewhere.

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Jule was one of my mother Brenda's three brothers, the other two being Carroll ("Cal") and Frank ("Bud") Steunenberg. I have written about Uncle Cal on this blog several times. He was in the U.S. Army Signal Corp. Uncle Bud, the oldest of the brothers, enlisted in the Marines 11/1932. I don't know much about his military tenure so if anyone has information or photographs to share it would be appreciated.

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