Sunday, February 12, 2012

Idaho Postcards

Every now and then I pick up a postcard when I see sometime that catches my fancy as often these old cards provide the only visual link we have to past events, places and people. You have seen postcards sprinkled throughout the blog and some similar to or perhaps the same as shown here. From time to time I am going to post a few more before they end up put away and forgotten.
Below are a few recent acquisitions. I lost the bids on several other real photo postcards of Caldwell/Boise and mining scenes. Usually a few of us Idaho collectors are knocking heads on eBay or other sites. Paying $100-$200 plus for a scarce and decent quality photo postcard is not uncommon these days but usually a little rich for my wallet. With the prices some are going for, I may have to consider selling or trading a few Mantle, Mays, Killebrew (well maybe not Harmon as he's an Idaho boy), Koufax, Drysdale, Hodges, Snider, etc. baseball cards if I want to stay in the Idaho postcard game.
I may not necessarily write any dialogue but will add the occasional comment or link. Click on the images to enlarge for viewing.

Sure wish the old Saratoga was still there. Is that Harry Orchard I see in room 19?

Wagon Bridge over the Boise River, Caldwell, ID. I have been over another old wagon bridge in Caldwell but doesn't look like this one. Anyone know if this particular bridge is still there?


Ferry over the Snake. Not sure of location. Any ideas?

"Beautiful little city."    
Central School in the foreground, territorial capitol building to the right where Governor Steunenberg's office was located and a faint peek in the far distance of the old courthouse where the Haywood trial took place.


Steve Washburn said...

About the Ferry Post card, just that it does not look like Walters or Bernards Crossing.

Steve & Naomi Cleo's Nature Trail Caretakers

John T. Richards Jr. said...

Thanks! Process of elimination works eventually...sometimes. I will keep looking. John

Engelby Reunion Bloggers said...

Hi, Great ferry photo. I can't say where it is, but I sure wish it was Beaver Dick's Ferry (which was in the vicinity of Barber Pools--a little downstream from the Hwy. 21 bridge over the Boise River. I don't think that's where this is, though. I'm working on a Boise 150 project for which I'm hoping to find a photo of Beaver Dick's ferry, but if I don't, I'm wondering if I could use this and state that his would have been similar. I don't suppose there's a date or publisher or other source imformation on your postcard, is there? You might want to contact Brandi Burns, historian with the Boise City Arts & History Dept. to see if she's seen this image in the research she's been doing for the Boise 150 celebration. You can contact her through the city's Boise 150 web site: Good luck! Love to see anything else you have of the Boise River for the Boise 150 Mobile Interpretive Tour of the Boise River I'm working on. I'm working on the Hwy. 21-East Park Center Bridge for this project but hope to get funding and partners to expand this the full length of the Boise River in the future. You can contact me at jrcomarts at gmail dot com if you've got anything you're willing to share! Good luck, you must have a wealth of information with your family history! Jane

John T. Richards Jr. said...

Great to hear about your 150 project. I have been reading about the celebration and miss not being in Idaho to take part in some of the events. You are welcomed to use the postcard image. It is divided back era but has no other markings, writing, publisher marks, etc. on the back. I ask only that you credit and reference me and this blog as your source. I will browse my personal archives a bit more and let you know if I come up with anything. Please feel free to keep me updated on your progress and other 150 happenings.
Regards, John